Medical Marijuana Users Can Drive Under the Drug’s Influence image

This week, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that users of medical marijuana are allowed to drive after using the drug.

In 2010 a Grand Traverse County man, Rodney Koon, was stopped for speeding, as he was traveling with 30 mph over the limit. He admitted he had smoked medical marijuana earlier and the blood test confirmed it. Therefore the court unanimously overturned an appeals court decision in this case.

“The medical marijuana law “shields registered patients from prosecution for the internal possession of marijuana,” the judges said.

The weird thing is that Michigan has a zero-tolerance policy for driving after using of marijuana, but at the same time it protects medical marijuana users. The law says that police must prove that the driver was ‘under the influence’ of marijuana, but does not specify what level of the drug in the body is considered trespass.

“It goes almost without saying that the (medical marijuana law) is an imperfect statute, the interpretation of which has repeatedly required this Court’s intervention,” the justices said. “Indeed, this case could have been easily resolved if the (law) had provided a definition of ‘under the influence.”