Meet the 2014 BMW 3-Series GT image

The very first official images with the brand new 2014 BMW 3-Series GT have recently hit the web and they are revealing the model from just about every angle.

The images posted below this article are official but they haven’t been released by the German based automaker and in fact they have been posted by an automotive website. The brand new BMW 3-Series GT is a more practical version of the 3-Series and it’s following the same path as its larger brother, the 5-Series GT. The same engine lineup found on the regular 3-Series F30 is expected to be adopted onto the 3-Series GT too, and this will include the 320d and the 335i.

All units will be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard. The BMW 3-Series GT, which has been codenamed the F34, will get a simple hatchback design rather than the twin trunk arrangement. The BMW 3-Series GT will be officially presented to the public next month, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Additional details on the brand new F34 3-Series GT are limited for the moment and will be announced during the Swiss automotive event in March.

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