The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently released the first images with the brand new 2014 Harrier, which should make its public debut later on this year.

Toyota is using the name of a fighter jet on its newest model, the 2014 Harrier, and even if this isn’t a sports car with hundreds of horse power under its hood, rear wheel drive and a good chassis, it’s still worth mentioning it, because its exterior design is quite attractive actually. And speaking of the exterior design, we can’t help the resemblance between the 2014 Toyota Harrier and the Lexus RX, so our guess is that the engineers went to lunch one day and they came back they decided to switch projects, or sketches, or ideas, or something.

The 2014 Toyota Harrier already has a history of being almost identical to the Lexus RS but rumors are actually saying that this model can actually offer a preview for the next generation of the Lexus vehicle. The new Harrier is getting a large air intake, a prominent grille, a familiar greenhouse, slender taillights, a sportier tailgate and some other tweaks. No details on the engine lineup have been announced yet but again, rumors are saying that there will be at least one hybrid version.


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