The newest creation in terms of cars produced in Belgium is known as the VDS GT 001 and it was recently unveiled with its Maserati sourced V8 engine.

According to its creator, Raphael Van Der Straeten, who has also named it, the VDS GT 001 is based on the Gillet Vertigo and the model is also coming with the same Maserati sourced V8 engine. The car company says that the Maserati engine is a 4.2 liter V8 which is producing a total output of 480 HP (358 kW), mated to a six-speed sequential transmission. The carmaker didn’t announce any performance figures yet but we know that the model will only be available in 22 units.

The VDS GT 001 is expected to be a fast sports car because most of its parts have been made form carbon fiber and the model on which this newest vehicle is based on, the Gillet Vertigo, is getting a chassis made from nomex/carbon which allowed the company’s engineers to keep the weight at just 990 kg (2,182 pounds). Additional details on the VDS GT 001 are limited for the moment and will be announced soon.



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