Meet the new Renault Alpine sports car in production-spec image

It may look like a redesigned Toyota GT 86 but it is in fact the start of a new era in Renault.

The French based automaker Renault has been rumored to revive its legendary Alpine brand for quite a few years now and after unveiling yet another concept car a few weeks back, time has come to check out the final production version of the model. The images posted below are said to be official patent ones and they have leaked onto the web revealing the final design of the sports car.

The vehicle has borrowed some of the features of the Celebration Concept shown at the 24 Hours of Le Mans but its overall design is toned down and more suitable for the street. It has nothing in common in terms of its looks with any current Renault vehicle out there and we can notice the new air intakes, the different side mirrors, the new design of the wheels, the central mounted exhaust, the removed rear wing, the new rear diffuser and several other tweaks. Since it is a sports car, rear-wheel drive is a “must”, so expect it, just like you should expect a new engine, front-mounted, which should be producing around 250 HP. Additional details on the final production version of the new Alpine sports car are limited at this time but with the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show coming in September, don’t act too surprised if you will see it at the event.

Via GT Spirit