The hottest version of the Tata Nano has been officially unveiled by JA Motorsport, as the model in question is coming with 230 HP.

The Tata Nano has recently become one interesting ride thanks to JA Motorsport, from a dull vehicle, as the company has added several goodies to it. The model in question has received a full body kit, smoked lighting units, bolt-on roll cage, AP Racing breaks, MRF ZLO racing slicks, Recaro seats in the cabin, carbon inserts on the dashboard, a steering wheel with paddle shifters and an eliminated rear bench to save weight, amongst others.

The most important part of the models is found under its hood where the two-cylinder engine with its 38 HP has been dropped. The so-called Tata Super Nano has been now fitted with a larger 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine, which is capable of producing approximately 230 HP (172 kW). While the stock car had a top speed of just 105 km/h (65 mph), the new Super Nano can go all the way up to 190 km/h (116 mph). This upgrade package has cost JA Motorsport Rs 25 lakh and it can be added to your Nano too.

Source: Indian Autos Blog


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