Meet the Toyota RND Concept image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has officially pulled the wraps off the so-called RND Concept, in a premiere, over the web.

The Toyota RND Concept is the company’s newest creation up to date, but if to you it only looks like a regular Auris hatchback which has been equipped with a red nose is because this is really what it is all about and if you remember our article on it wrote here, you will probably giggle like a little girl for such a giant automaker to pull an ace like this out of its sleeve.

The recently unveiled Toyota RND Concept is nothing more than a simple joke, as the company admitted just last week, which has been pulled by its UK division. The model in question is actually an abbreviation from Red Nose Day and it is part of the activities organized by UK charity Comic Relief, each year, for a good cause at least, raising money. This year’s goal is to raise 1 million GBP in order to support the Comic Relief across the United Kingdom and Africa.

If you are hipster, chances are you are already Googling your very own red nose by now and you should know that this is how you can help this “cause”, by buying one, or more. The red nose costs just 5 GBP and it can be bought from the UK dealerships owned by Toyota or from the company’s official UK eBay store. The red nose is apparently attachable to a house door, to a garage and to several other things.