Meet the Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept with its future interior design image

Volkswagen has introduced the new Golf R Touch Concept at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

The 2015th edition of the CES has seen the debut of one interesting concept car which has been signed by Volkswagen. The model in question is called the Golf R Touch and it is based, of course, on the Golf, and it has been designed in order to preview the cabin of the future models, getting an evolution of the carmaker’s infotainment systems, with a larger touch screen display, gesture control and so on. Most of the functions are now controllable through touch screen displays and sensor switches so the overall design is now more minimalistic.

The Germany based automaker says that the brand new one-off vehicle is getting a 12.8-inch touch screen display with a high resolution for the infotainment system, while an 8-inch touch Control Center, located beneath it, from where the climate, the media and other vehicle functions will be controllable. Conventional dials are now replaced too, by a 12.3-inch Active Information Display, which has customizable layouts, so they will be easy to modify.

Moving on to the on-board gesture control unit, you will find out that this is using a 3D camera installed in the roof lining, so the digital controls for the sunroof will appear on the largest screen whenever the driver will touch the roof. Opening and closing it will resume to moving the hand from front to rear and vice versa. The seats can be adjusted doing a similar gesture too. The on-board ambient lighting supports 16.7 million color combinations, so you will definitely find your favorite in it.