The Renault Clio subcompact has been around since 2012 and has already clocked four generations under its odometer, making it one of the most recognizable models of the French brand.

Since we’re approaching 2016 the Clio will reach the middle of its current generation lifecycle and this means only one thing – a refresh is under way. But since we’re talking about a bestseller of the French company, we shouldn’t hold our breath to a major upgrade – with the automakers usually following the “don’t change if it’s not broken” credo when it comes to such facelifts. And here we have digital artist Remco Meulendijk doing its bit to provide us with a possible interpretation of said update. The cues from the all-new Megane are neither surprising nor unwelcomed and we have here the GT Line upscale model to fancy about. We see new headlights, which incorporate the LED daylight running lights, very similar in nature to the ones found on the bigger brethren. The grille has also been mildly revised and there’s an all new bumper with bigger side air intakes.

Moving further we can see the profile will largely remain the same – as is traditional with such mild revisions, while the back has received modified taillights sporting LED illumination, a refreshed bumper and some tweaks operated at the diffuser level. One thing we’re expecting to remain exactly the same – the range of engines, which has been recently updated to cover the Euro 6 emissions level, meaning new powertrains are not to be expected anytime soon.

Via RM Design



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