MegaUpload’s founder vast collection of cars seized by the police image

The vast collection of luxury and exotic cars of Kim Schmitz, the founder of MegaUpload, has been seized by the police.

Police reports said that the 37 year old man was arrested on his 23 million dollars property while he was hiding in a safe room with a loaded gun, on Friday, during his birthday celebration. Surrounding his safe room, Kim Schmitz had a spring water-filled pool, secret passages, a car garage with a glass-tiled floor, massive giraffe statues in the gardens, and carton-like heads on the walls. Kim Schmitz, aka Kim Dotcom, aka Kimble said that he made about 115.000 USD from his business everyday in 2010, but he ended up being accused of internet piracy by the US authorities.

“Mr. Dotcom emphatically denies any criminal misconduct or wrongdoing, and denies the existence of a mega conspiracy”, as lawyer Paul Davidson told the court, according to Reuters.

Besides being accused of internet piracy, Kim Schmitz also “lost” his car collection after they were seized by the police. Between his 18 luxury cars, Kim Dotcom has a 1959 pink Cadillac, 15 Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a Rolls-Royce, a Maserati and a rare Lamborghini. As for his license plates, Kim Dotcom was using “GOD”, “HACKER”, “POLICE”, STONED”, “GOOD”, “CEO” and “GUILTY”. Kim Schmitz now faces up to 55 years of prison if convicted and he is currently in custody until his hearing on January 23.