UK racing team Synchro Motorsport has decided to anger every Honda fan out there by presenting the one-off custom Honda Civic Tourer Type R.

There’s always the possibility to become a star or a hated figure once you embark on the one-off journey – we’re pretty sure many Honda Type R fans would shell out the necessary cash to get a grabs of this tuner’s Tourer version. But while the model is real and working it’s going to forever remain out of reach. The model was initially a standard 2014 Civic Tourer and the engineers over at Synchro Motorsport decided to work their magic for a Type R makeover. The heart and soul – the engine – was donated by the latest Civic Type R hatchback and hence the high-performance station wagon now has under the hood a 306-hp engine and a six-speed manual transmission and suspension. The hatch also donated the brakes and quad exhaust system while the rear diffuser is a bespoke adaptation for the Tourer. The cabin has been modified accordingly, of course, with Type R sports seats and the usual red accents.

Synchro Motorsport has remained mum on performance specifications, but we can safely assume the Civic Tourer Type R will sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in under 6 seconds as the hatchback does the run in 5.7 seconds. The estate is of course slightly heavier and as such the top speed might also go down a notch from the hatchback’s 167 mph (270 km/h). We’re hoping Honda will take notice of such implementations – though we know it’s too late for the current generation anyways, Fortunately the Japanese automaker has already started prototyping the future generation Civic Type R hatchback, so who knows, maybe in the near future we’ll also get the official Tourer version.



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