Mercedes’ A-Class Petrol Engines Already Meet Euro 6 Standard image

The new Mercedes-Benz A and B-Class engines already meet the EURO 6 European emissions standard.

The new EURO 6 European emissions standard will come into effect from September 1st, 2014, for all vehicles with petrol engines. But it has been confirmed that the new Mercedes-Benz A and B-Class engines already meet the required emission limits.

“With this advance compliance, Mercedes-Benz is once again highlighting its pioneering role when it comes to the environmental acceptability of its vehicles. With our diesel vehicles too, since as early as 2009 we have had an increasing number of models on the market which already meet the EURO 6 diesel requirements,” said Dr. Thomas Weber, Board Member responsible for Group Research and Development for Mercedes-Benz Cars.

With the introduction of BlueTEC technology, Mercedes-Benz managed to reduce nitrogen oxide in the exhaust emissions of diesel passenger cars and trucks, playing a pioneering role in the auto industry. Mercedes’ advanced technology made the direct-injection petrol engines in the A 180, A 200 and A 250 and the corresponding models in the B-Class already comply with the EURO 6.