Mercedes’ Active Comfort Program for the Driver’s Well-Being image

Based on the ideas of Daimler’s research vehicle “TopFitTruck”, Mercedes-Benz Cars and Mercedes-Benz Trucks try to create Active Comfort, defined as “performance-enhancing comfort”.

As part of the “TopFit Truck” project, Daimler has created a research vehicle that offers marathon truckers a wealth of high-tech solutions to these problems.

“More than anything else, we have significantly enhanced comfort in the driver’s cab by means of a whole range of innovations,” declared the company.

Taking on this idea Mercedes’ Active Comfort opens up a new dimension. Some of TopFit Truck’s ideas will soon feature on board series-production vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.

“The Mercedes-Benz becomes a personal coach”, explains Jörn Petersen, Head of Human Factors at Daimler AG.

Researchers confirm that this brief sleep of up to 20 minutes’ duration enhances concentration, reactions and general performance substantially, that is why they will try to make effective use of “power napping” for this project.

Among other features of this project are: spacious interior, good suspension and soundproofing of the engine, LINGUATRONIC voice control for readily accessible switches and controls, Night View Assist, Intelligent Light System, rain sensor, efficient interior climate control, etc. All these relieve the driver of numerous routine tasks which would otherwise require his attention and cause him to tire more quickly.