Mercedes-AMG flaunts the Project One’s derriere image

It’s like car porn torture – Mercedes-AMG is going to present Tuesday during the first press day of the Frankfurt Motor Show what is arguably the most enticing premiere of the entire event, the Formula 1-inspired Project One hypercar.

We’ve been given lots of bread crumbs and some puzzle pieces to piece together by the Mercedes-AMG unit, but arguably this is so far the best look we’ve had since all the commotion started. The hotly anticipated F1-engined Project One is going to premiere on the Frankfurt Motor Show catwalk to usher a new era of hypercars, joined by models such as the Red Bull Aston Martin Valkyrie. Mercedes-AMG is “simply” calling it “the most ambitious project the performance and sports car the brand has ever planned”, and it also comes just as the divisions is celebrating 50 years of existence.

The latest teaser image gives us a glimpse of the carbon fiber roof scoop and huge central exhaust, massively wide fenders and sleek, minimalist LED taillights – complete with F1-inspired central fin. Mercedes-AMG again reminded us the Project One’s hybrid powertrain has been directly adapted from Formula 1, including the turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine. The all-wheel-drive hypercar also features an electrified front axle, with the hybrid’s combined output surpassing 1,000 horsepower – enough to top at more than 218 mph (350 kph).