Mercedes-AMG GLS63 gets the Mansory vibe image

We’ve always known that when aftermarket specialist Mansory is involved, we’ll be getting an over the top project, but what do you get when the standard vehicle is already overboard?

You get something like this Mansory work on the Mercedes-AMG GLS63, which is anything else rather than a restrained SUV. The fullsize performance SUV can shame the likes of Escalades any time of day – especially via performance credentials. And Mansory has also amped the owner’s testosterone – which is clearly seen from afar now. The controversial tuner makes the GLS easy to recognize anywhere – even on the Moon – via the extended aerodynamic body kit that makes the already hulking SUV wider by 25 millimeters (one inch) at the front and by 40 mm (one and a half inches) at the back. This brick is of course anything but aerodynamic, but Mansory claims it has improved airflow via the new side skirts.

Mercedes-AMG GLS63 gets the Mansory vibe 2

Cooling has also been amped, thanks to a new hood which is lightweight and also hosts new gills allowing the biturbo V8 to gain even more air. The huge 5.5-liter engine has now been enhanced to 840 horsepower (618 kilowatts) – that’s just like a Dodge Demon – while torque has been pumped to 848 lb-ft (1,150 Newton-meters). This is a tremendous increase from the already potent SUV – the standard GLS63 has 577 hp & 561 lb-ft. With that kind of power, top speed now stands at 183 mph (295 kph).