And we’re not talking side wheelies here, but actual races on the utterly-expensive racing bike companion to the Nurburgring-untamed AMG GT R supercar. It’s the latest fashionable accessory, after all…

People are becoming more and more aware of the issues with “last-mile” trips – as in you have someplace to be and your car won’t get you there conveniently or in time. Many new crossovers – for example the latest BMW X3 come with their own bikes – though this time around we’re not getting how you’ll be able to affix this racing bike to your shiny green AMG GT R. Maybe a rack just like on vintage roadsters?! Anyways, the beast machine with its 4.0-liter V8 and 577 horsepower (430 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque does produce a fair bit of carbon fiber – no, sorry, real carbon. So, when you feel you need to offset the carbon footprint of your supercar, you have an attractive option to do it and tell the Twitter world about it.

Das neue ROTWILD-Rennrad R.S2 Limited Edition „Beast of the Green Hell”: Driving Performance auf zwei Rädern

Mercedes has the perfect solution – the new ROTWILD limited-edition racing bike, RS.2, which has been directly inspired by the AMG GT R, a hand-built bike that also comes with a matching price tag. It goes for $8,290 (€7,109), but ROTWILD and Mercedes-Benz make sure the owner won’t complain. That’s because it features the frame out of “Carbon Module Monocoque Technology,” goes with Shimano disk brakes, and a set of Crankbrothers Cobalt 11 carbon wheels make sure everything remains light. There’s also rider direct steering and a sporty seating position, for “good propulsion and high directional stably,” though few people will experience it. Production is limited to a mere 50 units, which is less even than Aston Martin’s Storck bike.


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