The Mercedes AMG GT has been recently envisioned in a roadster body style and we have to admit that the result looks pretty amazing.

The German based automaker Mercedes has introduced the new AMG GT as a successor of the SLS AMG, whose production has been stopped, but the truth is that the two vehicles have nothing in common as the newer one is smaller, less powerful and even cheaper, compared to the supercar. But since the AMG GT should remind us of the SLS AMG, expect a roadster version of the model in the near future, probably over the next couple of years, which should go against models such as the drop-top Porsche 911 or the Jaguar F-Type Roadster.

The images posted below are simple renderings of such a model and they are revealing how it may look like, with its retractable hardtop, instead of the cloth roof seen on its “predecessor”. When it will be finally unveiled, or if it will be unveiled, the new AMG GT Roadster will be sharing the same 4.0 liter biturbo V8 engine as the solid roof version currently available and it might even come in the same two variants, the AMG GT and the AMG GT S, with 462 HP (339 kW) and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque and with 510 HP (375 kW) and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque, respectively. Expect a price increase in the current 115,430 EUR for the AMG GT and 134,351 EUR for the AMG GT S.

Source: Theophilus Chin


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