Mercedes-AMG’s latest model is a kids’ Bobby-car image

Even toddlers can grow up to become Mercedes-AMG fans so tutoring needs to start from afresh age – complete with the brand’s powerful powertrain and superior handling… aaa, yes, we’re kidding.

Let’s not discuss for a moment the upcoming Formula One-derived hypercar or even the new AMG GT open top, and revert back to the days of childhood when any set of wheels was the ultimate supercar. In that respect, the single most exclusive news coming from the Mercedes division was that during the ongoing Paris Motor Show it has introduced a new, single-seater sports car designed specifically for “the world’s bravest test drivers”. Yes, the toddlers can tear up the living room track on a Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Car. There are even variations – one version is in classic silver, the other in Solarbeam yellow.


The former is inspired by the AMG GT and has detailed lights, silver inserts on the steering wheel, a red seat cushion, and “whisper” tyres on cross-spoke wheels which deliver “outstanding grip” and “agile dynamics”. The latter is taking cues from the AMG GT S and has a flat-bottomed steering wheel, black wheels and seat cushion, a detailed instrument cluster, and LED headlights with daytime running lights and low-beam functions. The first Bobby-Car appeared back in 1972, made by German toy manufacturer BIG. The rest is history…