Mercedes B Class F-Cell: world tour interrupted because of an accident image

A Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell vehicle was involved in an accident today, temporarily halting its attempt to circle the globe as part of the automaker’s F-Cell World Drive.

Lucky, all drivers involved in the accident were uninjured. However, both vehicles were damaged, including the F-CELL as can be seen on the picture.
According to the automaker, the trio of F-Cells were driving from Alamty to Balkash, Kazakhstan when a Kazakh driver violated the right-of-way of F-Cell #3 and sideswiped its driver’s side. Technicians have determined that the rear door, fender, rear axle and shocks sustained damage.

They are still deciding if the #3 car will be able to complete the drive after repairs or if a replacement B-Class F-Cell is necessary.

The world tour began on January 30 and and will wrap up back in Germany at the beginning of June, the cars’ 125 day journey representing the 125th anniversary of the automobile.