Mercedes begins Citaro Euro VI production image

Mercedes Benz begins production of the Euro VI Citaro busses at the EvoBus plant in Mannheim.

The six-cylinder in-line units with a displacement of either 7.7 or 10.7 litres deliver output ranging from 220 to 290 kW (299 to 394 hp). The tried and tested Mercedes-Benz SCR emission control system with AdBlue injection and closed-loop particulate filter is combined here with an exhaust gas recirculation system.

According to the automaker, the new Citaro with Euro VI is the cleanest diesel-powered regular service bus at this moment. Optimized combustion processes and a complex emission control system reduce the emission of soot particles to just three percent of what was possible 20 years ago with Euro I. Emissions of nitrogen oxides have fallen to five percent.

To accommodate the new engines and the complexities of the emission control system, the Citaro now features a new tail end design. The potential extra weight of Euro VI is compensated for here by a number of measures, ranging from a lightweight glass-fibre-reinforced plastic roof to a weight-optimised rear axle.

As a result the payload, and thus the number of passengers who can be accommodated in the Citaro, remains unchanged.

The new Citaro is rolling off the production line at the Mannheim plant. EvoBus GmbH produces urban buses, inter-city buses and touring coaches here with a workforce of around 3 500.