Mercedes believes new Pullman sedan is worth $570,000 image

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up for the approaching release of its crown jewel – the Maybach Pullman S-Class, which is due in front of the audience in March at the Geneva motor show.

The German automaker, which decided to marry the luxury brand names Pullman and Maybach into one entity under their own name has also released the starting price of the Maybach Pullman S-Class sedan – 500,000 euros ($570,000). The three-row sedan is aimed towards the elite, justifying a price tag that makes even Rolls-Royce models blush. The 6.5-meter (21-foot) vehicle is Mercedes’s latest in a very long, historical effort to win the hearts and bank checks of the world’s wealthiest car buyers. There’s room for a chauffeur and a concierge up front, while four passengers will be able to relax opposite each other in two executive seats and two additional fold-out seats that face backward. This is also the second to wear the Maybach badge after the recently presented extended wheelbase S-Class, with the Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker saying the Pullman would be available in early 2016.

Mercedes is being pushed by Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche to reclaim the top luxury spot from BMW and Audi when it comes to overall sales by 2020. The revival of the defunct Maybach brand is just another page in the grand strategy, though the Pullman is more of a show car than one that would yield significant deliveries. On the other hand, extras such as armor plating can lift the price of the exclusive model to $1 million, making it the world’s most expensive sedan and bringing spectacular earnings margins.

Via Bloomberg