Mercedes believes six-figure Maybach model is the antidote to China’s luxury slowdown image

Mercedes-Benz decided to resurrect once more the defunct super-luxury Maybach brand and their decision could prove them right – the success in China alone is equal to the global sales back when Maybach was treated as an independent unit.

Today in China alone each month’s sales almost match those achieved by the stand alone models yearly global deliveries – with Chinese customers handing the six-figure amounts for around 500 units per month to get their hands on the ultra-luxury variant of the Mercedes S-Class. The model is entirely to their liking – it offers more room in the back than a regular S Class and is great for being chauffeured around. The model starts at around 1.44 million yuan ($230, 000) in China and the deliveries can be compared to a peak of 600 Maybach autos back in 2003 – though the model back then was priced from $350, 000. “Sales in China are developing very well, ” comments Ola Kaellenius, sales chief for the Mercedes Benz Cars division. Daimler decided Maybach should eb given a new lease of life as a Mercedes sub-brand as a bid to reach out to the wealthiest clients – trying to snatch Rolls-Royce and Bentley customers.

Mercedes pushed the Maybach in China since February as part of the larger strategy to try and catch up with larger rivals BMW and Audi in the world’s largest auto market. The plan ha sbeen successful so far – last month the brand jumped 20 percent in sales, while BMW posted its first decline in a decade there and Audi, the best selling premium brand in the country, saw the first delivery slide in at least two years.

Via Bloomberg