Mercedes-Benz 500k with an adventurous history could fetch $7.7 million image

The German automaker only ever made 29 units of this timeless artpiece, and the unit we see here is also packing a movie-like back story – which includes the Allies and a WWII shenanigan.

Before the end of hostilities, the Allied troops advancing through Germany discovered the car on the estate of Hans Prym, a German industrialist who was imprisoned in 1945. The car was taken to the US where it stayed for 66 years when a Dutch car enthusiast took ownership for £2.9 million (about $3.7 million) around 2011. The owner, Frans van Hare, then took his prized possession at an auto event in Essen, Germany – where the 500K Special Roadster was taken in custody by the authorities because the grandchildren of Mr Prym claimed the vehicle was stolen from the rightful owner – alleging the family still had legal ownership.

Mercedes-Benz 500k with an adventurous history could fetch $7.7 million 9

Following a legal battle the descendants of the original owner won and saw a court agreeing the Allies had no right to get the car from the original owner. Now the family has decided to sell the car which is being auctioned by Bonhams at the Chantilly sale in France on September 3. The model is in ‘magnificent condition’ and could snatch up to 7 million euros – around 7.75 million dollars.