Mercedes-Benz aims to further differentiate SUV line-up image

Because BMW proved that SUV cars could be very successful into bringing car like characteristics, Mercedes-Benz now aims to differentiate its SUV line-up into off-road and car-like models.

The split, between models that are aimed at customers seeking off-road capabilities and those interested in car-like characteristics, is forecast by the recently unveiled Concept Coupe SUV, with its production version scheduled to be produced at Mercedes’s US factory in Vance, Alabama, since 2015. After that, the division between the future models will begin, with the BMW X6 rival a part of the “on-road” SUV models.

“The Concept Coupe SUV previews a four-door, coupe-styled model that will appeal to customers who want a sportily designed vehicle with a high seating position, ” said Thomas Weber, the brand’s research and development boss.

At the moment details are still scarce, with Weber or Mercedes unwilling to comment on media reports that the future production version of the Concept Coupe SUV would be named MLC or the exact date of its unveiling.

We do know that besides the X6 rival, a new model of the “on-road” line could be a coupe-styled version of the GLA compact SUV, which began sales in Europe last month and is due for US showrooms in September.

Via Automotive News Europe