Protective air cushion for front seat passenger and airbag technology have travelled years since evolution and safeguarded people in many different ways.

The first debut of front seat air cushion was celebrated in the year 1987 where total 126 model series were adorned with this safety technology. It was in the year 1981, when the world witnessed an evolution of airbag technology, first introduced by one of the leading premium car makers in the world – Mercedes-Benz.

Those were the optional equipment of those early days, which have turned out today as an industry standard in safety technology.

Dating back to time, Mercedes-Benz (25 years ago) was the first vehicle to introduce the world with its front passenger airbag to prevent from accident. The technology was then adapted by S-Class in 1987, followed by others in premium segment. In 1981, the manufacturer had already revealed the first fully operational driver airbag in the world which was also found in a 126 model series of Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Over the years, a lot of technologies came into existence that ensure safely and comfort to drivers and passengers including sensors to detect collision, driver airbag and belt tensioners. Immense research has been carried forward since years to bring added safety features for people and it was mostly the Mercedes-Benz that revived the auto industry and provided some new technologies.

With so much of research and offerings, Mercedes-Benz Classic will now head for Goodwood Revival which is planned to be held from 14th to 16th September 2012. The brand will showcase its Classic along with five original Silver Arrows that once ruled in the industry (during 1930s). The models will make a demonstration run along with other racing cars that represent Auto Union. Stay tuned for more updates, as this will be the biggest Silver Arrows assembly since decades.


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