Mercedes-Benz announces GLC F-Cell prototype with plug-in hydrogen powertrain image

Hinted since early on this year, the recently introduced Mercedes GLC F-Cell hydrogen prototype is truly interesting – with plug-in capabilities for on-board lithium-ion pack recharge.

The said on-board lithium-ion battery pack will deliver a range of around 30 miles (48.2 kilometers). Meanwhile, the total range of the model is said to be of about 310 miles (500 km) when also counting the two carbon fiber-encased hydrogen tanks that have approximately .8 lbs (4 kilograms) of hydrogen. And as we all know, the hydrogen electric cars boast a very quick refill cycle, with the GLC F-Cell hydrogen tanks being topped in about three minutes, which is right on par with a conventionally-powered car. The extra range provided by the lithium-ion batteries is an interesting combination and should make the car a viable option for people that can recharge an electric car at home or at the office.

Mercedes-Benz announces GLC F-Cell prototype with plug-in hydrogen powertrain 7

It’s also very interesting to see if the compact crossover will be able to deliver satisfactory performance figures considering there’s a serious weight handicap to consider compared to regular ICE models. Daimler’s first commercially available hydrogen vehicle will be offered across various key markets such as Germany, Japan, and United States late next year, with others to follow in 2018 – including Great Britain. Mercedes also announced that it will also showcase an all-electric concept during the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October – with a distinctive styling language and a range of 310 miles (500 km).