Mercedes-Benz App Store Opened in Europe image

Last week Mercedes-Benz opened its own app shop, called Mercedes-Benz App Store, from which customers can download applications directly to their vehicle.

Here customers can search for new applications for the Comand infotainment system of their vehicles, by using their phones’ Internet connection. Weather, Google Search, Facebook and Yahoo will be added later this year. Currently customers can buy only two applications: a parking finder app and a news app, each for 9.95 euro per year.

The News app offers news in 28 languages and when the vehicle is in motion it will show only the titles not the entire articles. The Mercedes-Benz SL has this app as a standard feature, but other Mercedes vehicles with Comand in Europe (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) can download it beginning mid-July.

Mercedes revealed at CES 2012 Mercedes-Benz the Mbrace2, a full-featured new telematics system that offers various app in the dashboard. The system will initially be available in the updated 2013 SL-Class, and then to other 2013 models. The system, created by Mercedes and Hughes Telematics, can be updated in the car without requiring the owner to visit a dealer.