Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive might be sold in the U.S. image

The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz is planning to launch the electric version of the B-Class in the United States.

After the concept version of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive was officially presented to the public not too long ago, the model is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the guys at Car & Driver, who are saying that it’s expected to be sold in the United States, exclusively as an electric vehicle. Our source is saying that hybrid and electric vehicles sell better when the regular versions of the models aren’t being offered on the particular market.

As a quick reminder, power to the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Concept is being provided by an electric motor which is generating a total output of 134 HP (136 PS / 100 kW) and 310 Nm of torque (229 lb-ft). This enables the model to travel for more than 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge and when the battery is depleted, it can be recharged by either a 400V rapid charger or a 230V outlet. More details on the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive will be announced over the following months.

Source: Car and Driver