Mercedes-Benz baby SLS AMG is coming this year image

The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz and its performance division AMG are planning to introduce the baby SLS sometime late this year.

Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division is no longer a sub-brand managed to upgrade the company’s models and for quite some time now AMG has become a car manufacturer itself, the SLS being the best example in state of the art technology put together in a driveable everyday supercar. But the success of the SLS might be shared in the nearby future by a smaller brother of the model, which might be named the SLV or even the SLC, with rumors saying that it will be launched this year.

The fact that Mercedes-Benz and AMG were planning to develop a baby SLS weren’t a surprise because we’ve actually talked about this in 2011 for several times, but what comes as a surprise now is are rumors saying that the baby SLS will be launched by the end of this year. The same rumors are also saying that the model, which might be named either the SLV or SLC, will only wear the AMG badge, which might be named as an attempt of the manufacturer into pushing its performance division into a whole new direction.