Mercedes-Benz BIOME image

The Mercedes Biome concept is the vehicle, which Mercedes-Benz’s designers came up with for the 2010 Design Challenge held by the LA Auto Show.

The Biome is made from BioFibre, a material that’s significantly lighter – the concept weighs 875 lbs, well short of the competition’s 1,000-pound limit – than either plastic or metal yet supposedly is stronger than steel.
The basis for the Biome Concept is a vehicle that “grows in a completely organic environment from seeds sown in a nursery. It’s all natural, all organic and all science fiction.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the Biome uses what is called the Symbiosis system. In this process the vehicle acts like leaves on a tree — collecting solar energy to power the vehicle. The BioNectar4535 powers the Biome where it is housed in the vehicles chassis, interior, and wheels.



  • $hashwat

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    this not a photoshop picture isn't it? whoa! this iconic supercars rocks! mercedes you definitely deliver it with flying colors! :)

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    its a concept car. . . "CONCEPT" its not fake its not true its a CONCEPT

  • Mike

    So did they actually build the concept car or is this just a concept of what it could look like?

  • ǝɔnɹq

    lovely design…no doubt…
    its justa bit too soon fer
    maybe in like tha next 2 or 300 years it'll be tha car to be seen in.

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    Esse carro e muito louco ira fazer o maior sucesso

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    it looks amazing! just dont get how u would drive it! ps (how did u do that bruce)

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    it was in the mercedez benz super bowl commercial dis year, the tires light up