The compact sedan made by Mercedes-Benz, the C-Class, will get a new downsized 1.6 liter petrol engine, starting with late summer, this year.

According to the German based automaker, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is getting a new downsized 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, codenamed the M274, which will be the longitudinally mounted version of the M270 which has already made its debut on the new generation of the A-Class. The new engine which will be found on the C-Class starting with later this summer will feature a Camtronic two-stage variable valve lift and it’s expected to come with 1,595 cc.

Even if the new unit which will be adopted by the Mercedes-Benz C-Class later this summer has officially been announced, the car manufacturer didn’t say anything about the model’s power or performance, but rumors are saying that the unit will develop a total output of 208 BHP and it will emit just 143 g/km, which means that the engine is expected to meet the Euro 6 emission standards, which will become mandatory starting with 2015. The new 1.6 liter petrol unit is delivering “diesel levels” of torque, according to the car m anufacturer, with a peak torque of 184 lb-ft available at just 1,250 rpm. More details on the C-Class with the 1.6 liter petrol unit will be announced close to its launch.


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