Mercedes-Benz delivers over 1 million C-Class image

Until today, about one million vehicles of the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class production series have been purchased.

Selling luxury sedans in economy-car volumes (well, nearly) might seem impossible, and, in a way, it is.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars, said that the C-Class is its “best-selling production series” and is hence, very important for Mercedes-Benz. He said that last June, the sedan was the best-selling vehicle in its comparative class worldwide.
Over 840,000 sedans and more than 160,000 estates have been sold since the vehicle was introduced. The current C-Class is therefore continuing the success of the previous C-Class generation: Around 1.9 million customers bought sedans and estates of the previous model series during the model’s life cycle. Mercedes-Benz has sold more than eight million vehicles in this segment since the first C-Class was introduced back in 1982.
The United States is the largest market for the C-Class sedan, accounting for 25 percent of total sales. The next-largest markets are Germany and China. A total of 29,600 C-Class cars were sold in the U.S. during the first half of the year, representing an increase of 15 percent on the same period last year. Deliveries totaled 14,300 units in Germany, while 12,100 customers bought a C-Class sedan in China during this period.

Sales of the C-Class sedan rose by six percent worldwide during the first half of the year, to 120,300 units. The estate has also met with a great customer response, with deliveries substantially higher in nearly all markets in June 2010 compared to June 2009.

The increase amounted to six percent in Germany, which is the largest market for the estate, while sales rose by 19 percent in Western Europe as a whole and by 47 percent in Japan, which is the fourth-largest market.