The third largest luxury automaker in the world had a delivery growth of 11.3 percent last month on a worldwide level, with sales totaling 148, 072 units, buoyed by strong results in the biggest global markets – China and the United States.

Mercedes-Benz has come up with record monthly gains for around two years now and in April it achieved the best sales in history for the start of the second quarter, with double-digit jumps in China – up 20.6 percent and the United States – up 12.8 percent. “We began the second quarter with double-digit sales growth”, said Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales. “In the course of the year, we plan to keep that momentum going with a stream of new products including four new or revised SUVs.” The home region of Europe saw deliveries jump 12 percent since the start of the year, with a total of 251,268 units – 83,339 of them going to the largest auto market on the continent, Germany. The bran dhas registered high demand in the United Kingdom (up 19.1 percent), Spain (up 33.4 percent), Portugal or Sweden.

The North American continent had record sales for the US, Canada and Mexico – the NAFTA countries. The former saw a 12,8 percent jump in demand and allowed Mercedes to gain market leadership for the month. Canada deliveries jumped 28.6 percent and Mexico registrations grew 29.7 percent. The Asia-Pacific zone saw its own April sales record, with deliveries up 23.3 percent to 45,034 autos. China soared 20.6 percent to 27,069 units and the three-pointed star brand achieved market leadership in Japan and Australia.



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