A Mercedes-Benz E270 CDI W211 has been driven for over 1-million kilometers in Greece by its owner who has used it as a taxi.

The owner of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class E270 CDI from the previous generation, the W211, George Vassilakis, has bought his ride in 2003 and in just 9 years the man managed to travel more than 1-million kilometers in Greece after using his car as a taxi. The Greek’s achievement isn’t a world premiere for Mercedes-Benz or for the E-Class, but it’s definitely an important achievement for the current generation of the model.

George Vassilakis isn’t the first Greek to travel for more than 1-million km in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the first man in Greece to do this has used a Mercedes-Benz W115 200d which has travelled for 4.6 million km. Unlike Sachinidis, the man owning the previous record, Vassilakis didn’t change the engine or the transmission of the car in the nine years of usage. Sachinidis has bought his E-Class W115 200d from Germany in 1981 with 220,000 km and after using it as a taxi with two drivers for 24 hours every day until July 2004, the model has travelled for 4.6 million km.

Sachinidis has used the original engine and two other backup engines which were constantly being changed between them and fixed. The man’s record was rewarded with a Mercedes-Benz C200 CDI. Vassilakis is also expected to be rewarded by Mercedes-Benz but this won’t happen soon because the mileage of the vehicle has broken down at 999,999 km, but it is estimated that the model has traveled 1,030,000 km. Vassilakis didn’t change the engine in his car and all he did was replace the filters, oil, braking pads, intercooler, a small part of the turbocharger and the clutch.

Source: autoblog.gr


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