Mercedes-Benz Econic Offers Airport catering image

The Mercedes-Benz Econic, the advanced low-floor transport vehicle produced at Daimler’s Wörth plant, shows its strengths as a catering vehicle at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

Gate Gourmet, a catering company, has been serving air travelers at Sweden’s largest airport, offering meals, drinks, snacks and other in-flight provisions for almost three years now, delivered by 10 Mercedes-Benz Econic vehicles. Lufthansa subsidiary LSG recently signed a contract for no less than 39 vehicles.

Established in 1966, LSG Sky Chefs is headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, close to Frankfurt Airport. In 1993 it acquired 25% stake in Sky Chefs, the caterers to American Airlines established back in 1942 and then in 1995 the Lufthansa subsidiary acquired the remaining shares in the company, whose name since that time has also included the designation “Sky Chefs”. LSG Sky Chefs Group now comprises 133 companies, 195 operations in 50 countries, serving more then 300 airlines worldwide. Almost 460 million meals are produced annually, by 28,500 employees in 2010.

Gate Gourmet, which belongs to Gategroup Holding AG, is headquartered in Zürich Kloten and has its roots in the airline company Swissair, established in 1931. The company includes 300 sites in 35 countries and 22,000 employees.