Mercedes-Benz gets going with the teasing game for the E Class Estate image

The German automaker has initiated the teasing game for the impending reveal – programmed for today, June 6 – of the E Class station wagon.

Mercedes has decided to showcase the first video with the E Class T-Modell, as it’s named at home in Germany – and we can see the automaker is quite eager to reveal the design of the model in this teaser. Of course they might want to avoid the fracas of the E Class sedan reveal – they teased it on numerous occasions and the Internet managed to spill the beans way ahead of them. Now the all new generation of the practical body style is being revealed fast – later on today – and comes with a design that closely mirrors its sedan brother. The upscale exterior design is very close to the rest of the current Mercedes line – which has a strong character but has also started to suffer from a form of “Audism” – meaning they’re unwilling to significantly differentiate the model lines (best example is the classic C – E – S roster).

As far as the teaser is concerned, it hides everything in plain sight and we can see the E Class Estate will sport a tailgate-mounted spoiler, a gently sloping roof, and wraparound taillights. The cabin is no secret since most of the front will come directly from the sedan. The main difference is at the back where there’s a large cargo compartment with side storage nets and rails integrated into the floor. The powertrains are also expected to carry over from the sedan, up to the powerful AMG iterations.

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