Mercedes-Benz GLC to be unveiled in mid-June image

The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz is planning on officially pulling the wraps off the brand new GLC in the middle of June, according to a recent report.

A new report is indicating that the successor of the GLK, the GLC, will be officially unveiled on the 15th of June. The model will be attending a specially organized event in Germany and it should become available for order just a month later, with the first deliveries beginning this fall. The coupe version of the new GLC, which will be rivaling models such as the BMW X4 and the Porsche Macan, will be introduced sometimes in 2016 and it will be very similar to the concept car, but in a more toned down manner.

The GLK name has retired from the company’s mid-sized crossover and the new model will be known as the GLC and the GLC Coupe, respectively. The vehicle will also get that boxy appearance replaced by the curvaceous lines and we are expecting a lot of tweaks from the concept car which has been recently unveiled. As far as the engine lineup goes, rumor has it that the new GLC will be sharing some of the units of the new C-Class generation. This also means that it will be coming in the range topping GLC 63 AMG version, meaning that it will pack the 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine from the C63 AMG / C63 AMG S and from the AMG GT sports car. More details on the model are limited at this time and will probably be announced in June.

Source: Motoring