Mercedes-Benz has prepared the Christmas Travego for us to travel to Santa Claus’ land image

The German manufacturer, which is very successful in producing vehicles as little as the minuscule Smart or as big as the Travego coach, has decided to endorse the holiday spirit and deliver a Christmas special.

The new Christmas Travego, complete with LED lights and bespoke graphics, has been developed and designed by the Mercedes-Benz bus and coach sales office in Munich, with the one-off using the Travego M and featured with a unique Christmas-themed exterior that was penned by the DesignStudio at the Mannheim factory. Design wise, we can see the traditional red and white shades and the tinted windows that have been covered in icicles. The huge sides of the bus have good ol’ Santa riding on top of a coach pulling a reindeer in a sleigh. We also appreciate the LED light strips that can be tinted in red, green and blue. The lights are controlled by the bus driver and they also feature the usual wide array of lighting programs that we have grown accustomed to when using them on the Christmas tree – steady, blinking and variable speeds.

The bus will be used to promote Mercedes-Benz as the manufacturer has allowed it to be used by certain operators in Germany for Christmas-related tours and events. Naturally demand has been high and the automaker has already said it has been booked for numerous trips including one taking the Regensburg Cathedral Choir to a Christmas concert or one for a group of severely disabled children being ferried to another event free of charge.