Mercedes-Benz Metris midsize vans seen at SEMA image

Mercedes-Benz has introduced four concept vehicles at the 2014 SEMA Motor Show, serving as a preview for the upcoming US-spec Vito.

Despite being a local automotive event held in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz couldn’t stay away so four concept cars have been officially presented to the public at SEMA. According to the car manufacturer, they have been created in order to serve a preview for the upcoming US-spec Vito. These have been called the RENNtech: Party / DJ Van, the RADO: Fire Chief Concept Truck, the HQ Custom Design: Luxury Van and the Garmin: Mobile Golf Pro Shop.

The RADO: Fire Chief Concept Truck is capable of transporting a fire chief to any location, being a “rolling communications center”, while the HQ Custom Design: Luxury Van is promising to offer “the best in video / audio”. The RENNtech: Party / DJ Van is exactly what its name is saying, a mobile DJ van while the last one, the golf oriented GARMIN: Mobile Golf Pro Shop is equipped with a high-tech golf simulator and with an infotainment system, which can be used both personally and commercially. More details on these four concept vehicles remain unknown for the moment but you can check them out in the photos posted below.