Mercedes-Benz Might Expand Compact Front Wheel-Drive Lineup in 2018 image

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said that Mercedes-Benz might expand the compact front-wheel-drive lineup in 2018 when the second generation will make its debut.

“We are considering the final portfolio of the next generation of our compact cars, ” Zetsche said in an interview at a press event. “We have to define it and we may expand the portfolio.”

The current lineup has four nameplates: the three-door A class, which is not sold in the US, the GLA crossover, which will hit the US market in September 2014 and the production version will be unveiled at the at the Frankfurt auto show this fall, the four-door CLA with coupe styling, which will also hit US dealerships this fall, and the five-door B class, to be sold in the US as an EV next spring.

Zetsche did not mention what models are to be added with the second generation in 2018, but rumors say something about a two-door roadster and a CLA convertible. The CEO added that Mercedes will add a fifth model in 2014, which will not be sold in the US market. He did not comment on the reports about a larger CLS station wagon to be based on the CLA.

Source: Autonews