Mercedes-Benz managed to sell more cars than Audi for the first eight months of this year and scored the second biggest luxury car maker title while Audi and BMW were struggling to match its sales growth in China, known for going through a bad economic patch lately.

Mercedes sold 1.19 million units through August, which means 10,880 cars more than 1.18 million units sold by Volkswagen AG’s Audi.

The Daimler AG brand outsold Audi on an annual basis back in 2010. Mercedes witnessed a growth in sales of its mid-range C-Class sedan and its port utility cars in China where it was the only one of the top three luxury car manufacturers to see an increase in new registrations in August.

Marc-Rene Tonn, an analyst from the Warbourg Research in Germany said that “We expect Mercedes to overtake Audi this year and stay ahead for the next two. In China, Mercedes is benefiting from having two key models do well, the long version of the C-Class and the GLA. The positive effect of those two is set to last for the time being.”

China’s stock market and a slow economy led to customers not investing into buying new cars as they used to in the past. The sales for passenger car sales in China went down to a 17-month low this July before growing 0.6% in August thanks to discounts and incentives like subsidized insurance. Audi said that it does see an improvement in the China downturn and that new models are the key solution for growth in sales and profits there.

By Gabriela Florea


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