Mercedes-Benz partners with Nokia in smart map deal for connected vehicles image

The Finnish technology company said in a press release it has partnered with Mercedes-Benz, on a trial basis, to develop smart maps for connected vehicles and eventually self-driving cars.

The technology, featured at the Frankfurt auto show this week, is based on Nokia’s HERE, a cloud-based mapping and location services unit. The smart map developed based on the requirements of autonomous vehicles measures the exact precision of lane width, road signs and traffic light locations, as well as other car network technology.

“Connectivity will allow cars to compute real time information on demand so that the vehicle can take over more aspects of driving ultimately creating an entirely new class of services,” Nokia said in the release.

To demonstrate how Nokia and Mercedes will work together, the two companies built a 3D digital map of the route between Mannheim and Pforzheim in Germany, the same 62-mile trip Bertha Benz took driving the first Benz Patent-Motorwagen 125 years ago.

The HERE mapping unit is one of the three businesses remaining in Nokia’s corporate umbrella following last week’s deal to sell its mobile phone division to Microsoft. Nokia did not say whether the deal would be limited to Europe or involve Mercedes vehicles elsewhere but mentioned supplier Continental AG is one of the new customers implementing 3D content from HERE into its new infotainment platform.