The commercial division of Mercedes-Benz is on its way towards presenting its first ever pickup truck, but before the production version becomes official we might see a concept preview during the Paris Motor Show in October.

Almost a year ago Mercedes officially announced it would enhance its lineup with the first ever production pickup truck (based on Nissan underpinnings) that should come to the party before the decade is over. The most recent report on the matter calls for the German producer to deliver a first take on the model during the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, which starts early October. The information comes from unnamed persons from inside the company roster which tipped a pickup concept to be showcased “near the end of the year.” While we should take this info with a healthy dose of salt, Mercedes Benz vans chief executive Volker Mornhinweg did comment on the subject and confirming the Volkswagen Amarok competitor – perhaps called the X Class – would be introduced in dealerships late in 2017.

The completely new model line for the Mercedes-Benz brand will use, as we said before, many technologies from Nissan Navara, such as the chassis or the all-wheel drive system. Reports are calling for Mercedes to use the Japanese model’s 2.3-liter turbodiesel but it would also enhance the offering with its own four- and six-cylinder petrol and diesel powerplants and manual and automatic gearboxes. The trim levels would also span the course of the market – base for traditional professional users and the flagship version catering for the flashy side of the market.

Via AutoExpress


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