Mercedes-Benz pickup truck looks good in new renderings image

A couple of new renderings with the upcoming Mercedes-Benz pickup truck are placing the model into the spotlights once again.

The German based automaker has already announced its plans to introduce its first ever pickup truck by the end of the decade, just a month ago, and now the model in question is being highlighted once again, this time by a couple of renderings. The two images posted below have been signed by Theophilus Chin and they are showing us another glimpse into the upcoming vehicle. Keep in mind that these are nothing more than simple renderings and that the final product can look totally different, but this is still a good exercise for the brain.

According to our source, the model in question has been based on the Sprinter and we have to admit that the rugged look is worth every penny, especially since rumor has it that this will be sharing a lot of things in common with the next generation of the Nissan Navara. The Mercedes-Benz pickup truck is believed to be called the GLT and to be offered from around 30,000 USD for the entry-level version. It will be coming with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines, with an independent suspension system and with the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. The four-door twin-cab is expected to be the only body style of the model. This should be introduced in Europe, Latin America, Australia and South Africa and it will debut by 2020.