Mercedes-Benz plays Easter Egging with us, actually revealed parts of the E Class design inside the gallery with interior shots image

We know Easter Eggs have been found across the automotive industry as well, but we were still caught looking the other way with this one – though we’re going to treat every Mercedes reveal from now on like we do with the Marvel movies – frame by frame and with Sherlock Holmes’ eyeglass.

So, first thing first – the technical details. Mercedes-Benz decided to make a two part reveal of its new generation 2016 E Class sedan (codename W213, this one is important too) and delivered the first bits of information, pictures and footage concerning the interior – which is great since it’s the part where most buyers will spend most of their time. The official public introduction has been scheduled for next month during the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit – though we’re readily assuming they’ll jump the gun and reveal it online before that – maybe even this month as a Christmas gift.

Well it actually turns out they already kind of did that – because among the high resolution interior shots has appeared in full flesh the E Class in all its glory – just look closely at the pictures below and you’ll see what we mean. We can see two ladies discussing some wood veneer and in the backdrop there’s the E Class from the side. Then we have an even stronger hint since two gentlemen are talking about the new adaptive LED headlights and in the background we see not one but three shots with the exterior: one depicting the front with all generation (lower left corner), one again from the side (in the middle) and another with the aforementioned codename just peering at us over the shoulder of the man with a white shirt.