Mercedes-Benz receives order for 202 Actros trucks image

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has received an important order from Turkish chocolate manufacturing company Tören Gida for 202 units of Actros 1844 LS trucks.

Tören Gida, which has its headquarters in Gaziantep in Southeast Anatolia, is converting most of fleet to the tried and tested truck model. The truck fleet delivers the company’s products to 25 countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks chairman Hubertus Troska said Turkey is the third-largest market for the company and it wants to significantly increase sales in the years ahead. Tören Gida chairman Mahmut Tören said he chose Mercedes-Benz because the trucks are extremely fuel-efficient and have low operating and maintenance costs as well as a high resale value.

“We’re very pleased that our vehicles are contributing to the success of Tören Gida. Tören Gida’s extremely dynamic development and readiness for action has enabled it to become a very successful company in Turkey,” said Mercedes-Benz Türk president and CEO Wolf-Dieter Kurz.

The Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Türk was established in Istanbul in 1967. It began producing buses for the Turkish market in 1968. The Aksaray plant launched truck production in 1986.The facilities in Aksaray and Hoşdere are key elements of Daimler’s global production network.