Mercedes-Benz S-Class Convertible to be launched in 2015 image

Mercedes-Benz is planning to introduce the S-Class Convertible in 2015, so those of you waiting for the model will have some serious waiting ahead.

The introduction of a convertible version of the new S-Class generation is no longer a surprise, as the carmaker has already announced its plans to offer such a model, but until now, we didn’t know when we can get the chance to see it. Rumors are saying that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Convertible will make its public debut sometimes in 2015, probably during a major European automotive event, so those of you looking forward to it will probably have to wait until 2016 to get your hands on the model.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Convertible is expected to get the same V8 and V12 twin turbocharged engines under its hood as the newly unveiled S-Class Coupe (concept for the moment), along with the styling of its solid roof brother. The S-Class Convertible will receive a fabric top and some minor tweaks which will help it stand out from a crowd. This will be the fifth body style of the new S-Class generation, after the four-door sedan, long wheelbase, Pullman and Coupe. More details on the model will probably be announced close to its debut.