Mercedes Benz sales up 2% image

Despite the actual world financial crisis, worldwide deliveries of passenger vehicles from Mercedes-Benz cars rose by two percent during the first ten months of the year, to 1, 073,700 units (January-October 2007: 1,056,900).

A total of 93,800 Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart und Maybach brand vehicles were sold in October (October 2007: 114,600, minus 18 percent).

The Mercedes-Benz brand sold 960,300 passenger vehicles worldwide since the beginning of the year (January-October 2007: 976,600, minus two percent). In October, 82,500 Mercedes-Benz passenger cars were delivered to customers (October 2007: 103,900, minus 21 percent).

Sales of smart cars rose by seven percent in October to 11,300 units (October 2007: 10,700). The number of sales of the two-seater worldwide rose by 47 percent since the beginning of the year, to 113,200 units (January-October 2007: 77,100).

Sales in the C-Class segment continued to develop very well in the first ten months of the year, with deliveries rising by 21 percent to 380,300 units (January-October 2007: 315,400). A total of 5,700 customers bought the new station wagon model in October, nearly five times more than in the same month last year (October 2007: 1,200). Customers also continue to be very enthusiastic about the new CLC sports coupé, deliveries of which rose by 56 percent in October to 2,200 units (October 2007: 1,400).

The new GLK Class received a very positive customer response when it was launched in Western Europe on October 18. In Germany, for example, the unveiling of the compact SUV in the showrooms was attended by more than 100,000 existing and potential customers. Numerous test drives were offered to the visitors to enable them to experience first-hand the GLK .