Mercedes-Benz has brought the new SL 417 Mille Miglia Special Edition to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, as this will be offered for sale in a month’s time.

Besides pulling the wraps off brand new concept cars, Mercedes-Benz has also used the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in order to introduce the new SL 417 Mille Miglia. This is basically a special edition of the popular hard-top roadster and it is available as a package for the SL400 and for the SL500, marking the 60th anniversary of the Mille Miglia, where the SL triumphed, with Stirling Moss behind the wheel, in the 300 SLR.

The brand new Mercedes-Benz SL 417 Mille Miglia Special Edition is not actually the first one of its kind as the SL320 and SL500 of the R129 generation have received a similar treatment, back in 1995. For the SL400, the package is costing an extra 14,000 euros, while for the SL500, this will be setting you back for 12,800 euros. Updates include the cosmetic changes like the red accents on the front spoiler lip, the rear apron or the brake calipers which are covered with the 19-inch and 20-inch front to rear tires. The Mille Miglia 417 letters have been embossed on the headrests and in the cabin we can also find the black floor mats with the red edging and the 1000 Miglia labels, the red and mate carbon accents and so on. Order books for the SL Special Mille Miglia Edition will begin on the 7th of April.


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