Mercedes-Benz to Introduce 30 New Models in the US by 2020 image

Mercedes-Benz announced its plans to introduce 30 new models in the US by 2020, part of the biggest growth phase in the company’s history.

“We just had the highest sales year in our history and carried that over to our best January on record. And, according to just released registration data, more customers put a Mercedes-Benz in their driveway last year than any other luxury make,” said Steve Cannon, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA.

Cannon estimated that the automaker will introduce a new model each quarter for the following seven years. This year, Mercedes will focus on a new generation of its flagship S-Class model line and the all new, 208-hp turbocharged four door CLA coupe, with a brand new styling. Both models are expected in autumn.

“The CLA will have the highest conquest of any of our models. This combination of top conquest and top loyalty means that when we bring new buyers to the brand, they tend to stay with us,” said Cannon.

This spring the automaker will also come with a ‘facelifted’ E-Class model line, which will have 8,000 refinements compared with the current model line, which includes coupe, sedan, cabriolet and wagon models, besides the high-performance AMG ones. In the following seven years Mercedes-Benz will reinvigorate and reinvent its entire product portfolio, taking its customers to the next level.